Blue Zircon December Birthstone 12


Color: zircon blue

Hardness: rates 6 to 7.5

Carat Weight: 15 or 20 carats

Cut: round brilliant diamond cut

Clarity: Blue and colorless zircon

Gemology: zirconium, silicon, and oxygen. 

Geology: Zircon crystallizes from melted rock material inside the earth

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Healing Power 

Blue zircon meaning is to help repel negativity, invite more happiness and love into the lives and to support during spiritual healing. Blue zircon is birthstone for December. So, all the benefits from this gemstone will work well for them. The natural blue zircon very valuable, consider to get this stone  and wearing it.


Most people still think of it as a popular Diamond imitation called “Cubic Zirconia”. “Cubic” (as it’s known) is a man made ‘re-creation’ of natural Zircon. What you may not know, is that Natural Zircon comes in a number of vibrant and intense colours. From Raspberry red, through grass green, banana yellow and in particular 0cean Blue.