Topaz November Birthstone 11


Color: Light Blue
Hardness: 8 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity: 3.53 - 3.56
Refractive Index: 1.610 - 1.638
Chemical Composition: Al2(SiO4)(F,OH)2
Mineral Information: Silicate, aluminum silicate group

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Healing Power

Blue Topaz has healing properties that can help repair the digestive tract and fight against anorexia. For those who have problems in the sense of taste, sore throat and headache, very recommended using blue topaz necklace.


Although most natural topaz is actually colorless, ancient lovers of gemstones assigned the name to almost any yellow and brown gemstone. The name itself likely comes from an island in the Red Sea, which the Greeks called Topazos (it's now named Zabargad). The stone we modernly call "topaz" was never found on Topazos, but other gems--called "topaz" by ancient peoples without mineralogy--certainly were.